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Install VS Code:

There are many text editors or integrated development environments (IDEs) that you can use. For example, there are, in no particular order, Notepad++, Sublime Text, Vim, Eclipse, Atom, PyCharm, Emacs, IntelliJ, Zend, Xcode, ...

On this wiki page, we will be promoting the use of Visual Studio Code (VS Code), simply because it is currently the most popular choice. image

One of the reasons for its popularity is the enormous number of extensions available for VS Code - over 30,000 extensions, and counting. By having a right set of extensions installed, one can turn VS Code into a very powerful IDE for almost all the popular programming languages, including Python, JavaScript/TypeScript, Java, C++, Rust, etc. For those of you who enjoy the key bindings of Vim, Emacs, Atom or Sublime Text, you can also get that on VS Code with the right extension! Last but not least, VS Code also supports the cutting-edge technology like the AI-powered programming partner, GitHub Copilot.



Recommended Extensions:

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