Parts Battery - MARSLab-UTRGV/drone-manual Wiki

There are plenty of considerations when buying a battery. The higher capacity allows the quadrotor to have a long flight duration; however, in turn, batteries get heavier putting a higher strain on the motors. A good balance between capacity and weight must be reached to have a quadrotor fly for a reasonable time while keeping the weight as minimal as possible. We considered the following two batteries:

The Turnigy Nano-tech is a 14.8V battery with a weight of 623 g, and a capacity of 6000 mAh. This battery is the lighter one with a smaller voltage and capacity. The battery's lightness helps extend the quadrotor's flight time without adding too much strain to the total weight. 20220923_084932

The Zippy Compact is a 22.2V battery with a weight of 835 g, and a capacity of 6200 mAh. The battery is slightly heavier than the previous battery, however, has a much greater voltage and capacity. 20220923_084952

To connect the batteries to the power module, a XT90 to XT60 adapter is needed. Make sure when buying if the battery's plug type matches the power module or if an adapter is available.

We recommend purchasing a battery charger and a storage bag to charge and store any batteries safely.

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