Elevator Pitch Script - LilitKarayan/Neutrack Wiki

1st 10-15 seconds (Lilit) Hi, I’m ____, one of the founders of Neutrack. At Neutrack, our vision is to empower every person to take control of their ideal weight goals. There are too many times in life where someone begins their weight loss journey, has a set goal in mind, and starts their routine with their personal trainer just to have things fall through because life gets busy.

2nd 10-15 seconds (Jordan) Hi, I'm ___, another one of the founders of Neutrack. With Neutrack, we put the control back in your hands so can meet your weight goals on your own time. Our software allows you to manage your weight journey yourself or have your trainer track it for you. Whichever route you choose, its all in your pocket!

3rd 10-15 seconds (Vincent) Hi, Im__, the final founder of Neutrack. Neutrack allows you to manage your calories, set a weight goal plan, and even recommends meals and recipes that will help keep you on track along your journey. We currently have a free trial running for Neutrack with a subscription being set up after it ends. See if Neutrack fits you today!