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Alarm/Timer widget


  • movable, floating widget with alarm/countdown or stopwatch functionality


  • open the minor qol tools section of the settings menu and enable the feature

  • hold TAB to make the widget appear in the center of the top edge, then click it

    • an edit-field will open: leave it blank and press ENTER to start the stopwatch
  • while the stopwatch is running, pick a font size and colors you like, then right-click the widget to stop and hide it


  • this widget is inactive (invisible) by default: hold TAB to activate it

  • while active, you can drag it with the mouse, or click it to open the text-field and enter a desired countdown time

  • there are many formats you can use:

    • two minutes can be entered as 120, 02:00, 2:00, or 2:0
    • one hour as 3600, 01:00:00, 1:00:00, or 1:0:0
  • press enter to start the countdown

  • to stop and reset the timer, right-click it while it's active

    • it can only be stopped, there is no pause feature

  • when the timer hits 0:00, it will start counting up to show how much time has passed, and the widget will activate itself

    • if you're alt-tabbed, it will still activate and become visible on the desktop to notify you this way

    • right-click it to set it to 0:00 and hide it

  • since it counts up after 0:00, it also has stopwatch functionality if you leave the text-field blank and just press enter

    • if you left-click it while counting up it will restart at 0:00 (like the lap-feature on a traditional stopwatch)

Context-menu for items

  • hovering over an item and pressing the 'omni-key' (default: middle mouse-button) will show a context-menu to quickly access related features or websites

    image image image image
  • accessing websites this way will also copy relevant item-information into the clipboard and have it ready for pasting

    • poe.db: the item's ilvl can be pasted into search-fields

    • craft of exile: the item's advanced item-info can be pasted into the import-window

    • vilsol's timeless jewel calculator: the necessary information will be copied and filled in automatically

Lab-layout overlay and tracker


  • overlays an image of the lab-layout onto the client

  • optional: tracks your current position and marks completed rooms


  • this feature is accessible in two ways:

    • hold TAB while you are in the Aspirants' Plaza, then click the small icon in the top-left corner of the overlay

    • use the context-menu of a lab offering

  • either way will open poelab.com in your browser

how to import layout data screenshot
- choose the desired layout, right-click the image, and click copy image

- a notification tooltip will pop up if the import was successful
- optional: right-click the lab compass file link underneath the image and click copy link address

- a notification tooltip will pop up if the import was successful


  • the overlay is displayed while holding down TAB in the lab or Aspirants' Plaza

  • if the compass-file was imported, colored squares will be placed on the overlay as you progress through the lab

    • the purple square shows your current location, the green ones show the rooms you have previously entered

    • the overlay also shows abbreviations of the neighboring rooms, which may be helpful in specific, obscure layouts

  • the small icon in the top-left corner of the overlay changes its color depending on which features are available

    • red: neither image- nor compass-file have been imported, or the imported data is outdated

    • yellow: only the image-file has been imported, tracking is unavailable

    • green: both image and tracking are available

Potential Tracking Issues:

  • hovering over rooms shows a tooltip with its name (highlighted in green if it's the same type of room you're currently in)

    • in case the purple marker is placed on an incorrect room, you can long-click a room with green name to place the purple marker there instead
  • once you enter an Aspirant's Trial, backwards movement to earlier rooms will no longer be tracked

  • if you have to restart the script mid-run for whatever reason, tracking will be reset and the purple marker will be placed onto the earliest room with the same name as the one you're currently in

    • if it's not the correct room, manually place the purple marker onto the correct one

Notepad and Text-widgets


  • notepad window specifically for PoE notes

  • allows creating individual tabs to better sort notes

  • allows creating free-floating text-widgets that function like sticky-notes on your screen


  • open the minor qol tools section of the settings menu and enable the feature: this toggle button image will appear in the main toolbar


  • click the toggle button to open the notepad

  • the notepad has individual tabs that need to be created first, so type in a name and press enter

  • the size of the window always auto-adjusts to its content but can also be increased manually by dragging the bottom-right corner

    • it doesn't refresh/resize while typing: instead, you have to click a tab to refresh the whole window
  • type in some text, then open the settings menu to change the font-size until you find the right size

  • as long as the text in a tab is not blank, you can drag it out of the window to create a free-floating text-widget

    • by default, these are inactive (unclickable) and TAB needs to be held down to activate them

    • once activated, they can be dragged again, or right-clicked to be removed

    • while a widget is on screen, you can adjust color and opacity settings to your liking

  • you can also create a segmented version of a widget by dividing a tab's text into paragraphs

    • insert a line with a single hash-sign (#) between paragraphs to divide a text

    • drag this tab out to create a widget that only shows one paragraph at a time

    • while it's active, hover over it and scroll to switch between paragraphs

Orb of Horizons Tooltips

  • holding the omni-key while hovering over a map will show a small panel with a list of natural maps of this tier

    • if you specify your character's name in the general section of the settings, it will also show the effective exp you'll get from that tier of map
  • holding the omni-key while hovering over an orb of horizons (or pressing a letter-key after opening the map-tooltip mentioned above) will show a small panel with an alphabetical list of maps and their natural tier

    • press a letter-key to show the list of maps with that initial letter

Essence Tooltips

  • holding the omni-key while hovering over an essence will show a table-tooltip with its effects on applicable gear-types

  • if the next tier has additional gear-types, they will be listed with green highlighting

  • hover over individual gear-types to compare the current tier's effects with the next tier's

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