Betrayal Info - Lailloken/Lailloken-UI Wiki

User Interface


The betrayal-info feature has its own section in the settings menu which contains the following:

  • option to enable image recognition

  • font-size and panel opacity options

  • shortcut to the betrayal image folder containing the screen-caps

Upon opening the betrayal-info section in the settings menu, the UI will show at the top of the screen

  • you can use this to rank rewards outside of encounters

Feature Overview

  • streamlined presentation of syndicate rewards that can be accessed quickly without alt-tabbing or covering large parts of the screen

  • the entire info-sheet can be customized to suit your personal needs, or to adapt it to trade-meta changes

  • simple search: look up the rewards for a specific syndicate member

  • advanced search: illustration of reward changes when two members swap positions
    Untitled 3


  • the 'betrayal' image-check has to be set up in the settings menu in order to use this feature

Usage: simple search

  • the info-sheet is accessed by pressing the omni-key (default: middle mouse) when the syndicate board is up

  • clicking a name in the top part of the UI will show that member's rewards underneath

  • left-clicking a reward will change its color (clicks toggle between green, yellow, red), representing its ranking

  • right-clicking a reward will change its color to white or teal, representing neutral and special (e.g. RNG) ranking

Usage: advanced search (w/o image-recognition)

  • you can also perform advanced searches by shift-clicking member names and divisions (for encounters where two members swap positions)

  • shift-click member #1 -> the division they will move to -> member #2 -> the divison they will move to

    • for the example above, you would shift-click Aisling, then research, then Leo, then intervention to get this result:
      Untitled 3
    • at a glance, you can tell that Aisling's move improves her rewards, whereas Leo's move makes his rewards worse
  • regular clicks on a name will reset the queue (in case you made a mistake and need to reset)

Image recognition: setup

  • in order to use image recognition, you have to screen-cap an image for each individual syndicate member and one for each division (there is an example video at the end of this section)

  • long-press the omni-key while hovering over a syndicate member, release when you hear a beep

  • the Windows snipping tool will open with which you have to screen-cap a specific part of the member's 'display card'
    image image

    • don't screen-cap the character themselves because the background is different depending on whether they are leader or not

    • if a name on the 'display card' takes two lines, screen-cap (parts of) the second line

    • try to screen-cap parts of the name that don't overlap with the image (yellow area in picture 2), while also avoiding the side-edges (use the discoloration of the parchment as a guide and add a little more distance to be safe)

    • from my testing, screen-capping parts of an area within the yellow box in the second picture is enough for image recognition to succeed

  • a new window will open with a preview of the screen-cap and a dropdown-menu to select the corresponding member/division from

    • upon clicking an item on the list, the screen-cap will be saved and that member/division should be detectable via image recognition
  • example video of this process

Image recognition: usage

  • navigation and usage is a bit different in image-recogniton-mode:

    • you can hover over a syndicate member and press the omni-key to automatically load the corresponding info-sheet (the current division will be highlighted)

    • long-pressing the omni-key will initiate screen-capping via the Windows snipping tool

    • advanced searches are performed by scanning the first member normally, then pressing shift + omni-key on the second member

Compatibility: older Windows versions

  • it is possible that Windows versions older than 10 don't have the snipping tool that this method of screen-capping uses

  • you will have to take screenshots and do the snipping manually, then save the images as bitmap-files

    • the betrayal-info section in the settings menu has a button to open the image folder where the files have to be saved

    • the files need to contain the members'/divisions' names, e.g. aisling.bmp, leo.bmp, transportation.bmp etc.


  • this is my take on cheat-sheets that go around on reddit, and on how to incorporate their information into the client

  • I only use a single monitor and hate alt-tabbing, so that's how this came to be

  • personally, I also find those cheat-sheets somewhat lacking in readability and presentation

  • this is more or less a test run for potential info-sheets for future leagues/mechanics that are more complex than betrayal (but similar in structure)