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2.0.1-B49 (Upcoming)

  • Fixed bug with wrong cc pad mode set, when config was migrated from v1 blheli setup to v2 kiss setup. (Thank you Alin Victor)
  • Added Factory Reset. GUI 3.0.24 required.
  • Added GUI presets to OSD (FC config, Pids page, hold select)
  • Fixed sensor moving outside the screen on VERY fast mouse movements in HD osd editor. (Thank you Alin Victor and MANDOXsquid)

2.0.1-B48 (Latest)

  • Added mouse support for osd mirror (Thank you MikeP, Alin Victor, EbrFPV and many others for testing and feedback!)
  • Added flight performance parameters to inflight tuning (AF and BF)
  • Added confirmation beeps on all configuration changes
  • Some cosmetic changes for O3 osd
  • As usual, bugfixes and improvements

For new features GUI 3.0.23 required.


  • Added Acceleration Factor feature
  • Fixed TBS Crossfire tools
  • Fixed HD menu position

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  • Fixed bug when it is not possible to move sensors in osd editor when you are in NON CANVAS MSP OSD mode aka OLD DJI ;)

If you are using canvas mode - you DONT have to update. Thanks parasite_fpv for spotting the bug :)


  • Added HD OSD mirror
  • Added fast msp baudrate
  • Added font transparency

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  • HD OSD changes
  • HD OSD extended fonts support (DJI WTF/Walksnail/HD0)
  • Added experimental flight code
  • DJI O3 SBUS receiver fixes
  • Fixed ESC info bugs
  • Small fixes and improvements all over the place :)

Big thanks to all you guys for testing and feedback on this release!

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  • Fixed bug when last line on HD osd (all but O3) was not visible. Thanks Frischling95 for reporting.


  • Added DJI O3 OSD support (GUI 3.0.19 required) Thank you Alin Victor and dogman_fpv for testing!


  • Added inflight tuning for rates and TPA
  • Added reminder to save config after inflight tuning
  • Added inflight tuning selector in ULTRA SETUP (last page)
  • Fixed DJI (MSP) voltage overflow bug when LIPO voltage more then 25.5v (Thank you Aron!)
  • Fixed TPA bug when BP2 is set to 100%
  • Fixed ESC temperature sensor visibility if no telemetry enabled
  • Fixed beeping buzzer ;) (Thank you Alin Victor!)


  • Added support for Motor Wizard
  • Fixed blheli beep code. Now u have signature kiss 3 beeps on all escs. Some small bugs fixed on the way.
  • Config bumped to 137


  • Added Inflight Tuning
  • Config bumped to 136 (KKC FW will follow)

Information about how to set it up and how to use it available in the WIKI.


  • Added "ULTR" as FC identifier for msp_osd package.
  • No more need for fonts for DJI OSD on SD Card. Fonts are INCLUDED to the DJI FW and will be automatically selected. You need msp_osd package version v0.6.9 or newer.


  • Added Ghost GPS telemetry
  • Added Ghost startup icon and radio mode


  • Added HD OSD editor (No more OSD mirror editing for HD people)
  • Added BLHELI32 settings (reverse and 3d mode) from OSD and GUI (Thank you Mike P.)
  • Added BLHELI32 ESC name in OSD ESC Setup menu (telemetry wire needed!) (Thank you Mike P.)


  • Added Ultra OSD support for HDZero
  • Added Ultra OSD support for DJI WTF Hack
  • Added Ultra OSD support for Avatar
  • Allow use of any serial for crossfire protocol
  • Added full support for ULTRA v2

PS OSD editor for HD is planned for next version, meanwhile please use osd mirror.


  • Added SOFT ARM option.

It works in certain conditions (when adapter filter is ON, launch control is OFF and level mode NOT engaged). PIDs will be NOT active (0) right after you arm your quad. Instead, they will be increased gracefully from 0% to 100% when you move your throttle stick from 0% to 5% of the throttle. When you went over 5% of the throttle, PIDS are ALWAYS active until you disarm your quad. Basically, just arm and fly away, or idle a bit on armed - not pids will wind up or anything like this.

Positive things:

  • Sticks are NOT active when you just arm your quad (Better safety)
  • Motors are not affected by vibrations - clean sound (Nicer HD sound)
  • Motors slow start is NOT interrupted by pid controller (Works with KISS and FETTEC)


  • Added PreArm mode (Thanks to Mike P. for reporting)

Basically you have 3 modes now

  • No PreArm.
  • PreArm on first arm only
  • PreArm on every arm

In addition to that, arm always inhibited when

  • Throttle is not idle
  • RTH switch engaged
  • USB connected


  • PID controller changes. Lots of improvements in yaw axis handling. Thanks to GavinLee and Proskate (and others) for reporting.


  • Reworked level mode. Seems more stable and recovers nicely from weird situations. This also affects RTH of course. Thanks to TAGE for reporting and final testing.
  • Added voltage sensor adjustment value. Works for analog sensor and DShot telemetry. Thanks to meatservo for finally pushing me to do it ;)


  • Fixed BLHELI32 passthrough (for blheli 32.9 release). Fixes inability to flash new firmware with new BL32 GUI
  • Changed IMU filter (new code). Minor change
  • Fixed filter overflow error (very very old error, probably not showing up a lot, but bothered me)
  • Fixed F-Port support (who the hell is still using it, please stop!). Connect it to RX pad!!!!


  • Fixed braking code bug (Thanks UAVTech)
  • Added PRE-ARM function to the receiver test tool


  • Prevent arming of the quad when its connected to USB and Lipo.
  • Changes in PID controller logic (Oh yeah!!!) (Thanks to #firmware_preview channel members for testing and feedback)


  • Added PreArm functionality (Thanks EbrFPV for testing)
  • Config version bumped to 132 (KKC FW will follow), GUI 3.0.8 requited

If you don't use PreArm - NOTHING CHANGES FOR YOU. By default it is OFF.

Assign PreArm on free aux channel. Now you can arm the quad ONLY within 3 seconds after PreArm button activated. You can use momentary switch as well. PreArm safety works ONLY FOR A FIRST arming!!!!!


  • Fixed bug when buzzer makes SOS sound on ULTRA startup. Thanks to Thund3r (Dillon Reese) for finding it.
  • Swapped RX4 and TX4 on the Ultra Mini. If you have something soldered there, please swap wires. Thanks to swoopyfpv for finding it.


  • Added active altitude limiter (barometer based)
  • Added 8 motors support in GUI (motor test and bars)
  • Added extra parameters to TBS LUA (RTH, Performance, Limits)
  • Removed Kiss Ultra from Crossfire menu (Total Overkill)
  • Changed Crossfire protocol negotiation logic. Added V2 message. Thanks to Bintang Kurniadi and Brian Hulett for testing!
  • Added DJI barometric altitude sensor (MSP, Custom layout)

GUI 3.0.7 required. KKC FW will come in a few days.


New features:

  • Added ULTRA OSD backup / restore
  • Added new HDZero 5020 canvas support (HDZero firmware 18122021 or newer required!)

Special thanks to Daniel Kanevsky, Luke Turner and Dustin Denicourt for testing HDZero part!


New features:

  • Renamed Crossfire V3 message
  • Added stick overlay in flight mode and OSD editor
  • Added ESC temperature sensor
  • Changed logic of yaw filter strength. Default is 35 which is ok for most pilots. Lowering it to 25 adds extra crispiness :)


  • fixed saving floating numbers (pids and rates) from TBS CROSSFIRE -> KISS ULTRA
  • fixed PID scale in the blackbox


  • Code cleanup
  • Added Damien Gans and Alex Goresch to the easter egg ;-)


  • Improved DSHOT code
  • Added ACCEL calibration from OSD
  • Improved video driver performance / stability.
  • Disabled Turtle Mode buzzing with enabled buzzer emulation
  • Added option to turn on/off blinking timer dots. Use sensor STYLE (UNIT)
  • Added option to turn on/off messaging icons. Use sensor STYLE (ICON)
  • Added throttle sensor
  • Added crossfire barometer in crossfire telemetry
  • Added more messaging icons
  • Replaced log stared/stopped message with icon (less noise on startup)
  • Small fixes here and there, refactoring and cleaning up

Known bugs:

  • Change float values from OSD->TBS Crossfire->Kiss Ultra will reject fractional part (1,53 will be saved as 1,00). [Fixed in B23]


  • Protocol version bump to 129
  • Added all missing properties for ultra to the GUI, preparing to update KKC work. So basically no need for DJI people to go to OSD mirror.
  • Removed lots of irrelevant for ultra code. Makes things cleaner AND faster!
  • Optimised DShot code
  • Moved things inside OSD - "its only logical" :-)


  • Added "Braking factor" on Ultra cheat codes page. Range is 0% - 100%. Default is 0%, so its backward compatible. Helps to stop the quad after fast rotation and in most cases allows to reduce D term. In some cases pid tune might be required. Parameter can be changed in OSD mirror, FC Setup->Page 14

  • Added "Throttle scaling". Puts range of throttle between mincommand and minthrottle to good use. Works only when mincommand=1000 and enabled in OSD mirror, FC Setup->Page9. Its NO by default.

  • Added TBS gimbal bypass mode. If you need it - you read TBS lounge. Can be enabled in OSD miror, FC Setup->Page 7. I tested it with Mambo and Mode 2, If it doesn't work with other modes (Hello snowflakes) - let me know.

  • Renamed Kiss FC to Kiss Ultra in TBS agent lite.

  • Fixed JETI support. Old code rewritten, seems working now :)


  • Added Yaw D term to the blackbox logger
  • Added keyboard control in OSD Mirror
  • Fixed DJI "Kiss Messaging" (no more U.. on start)


  • Fix DJI sensor visibility bug (oeps!)
  • Changes in PID controller code (awesome!!!)


  • Added Custom DJI layout. To enable, go to FC Configuration -> MSP OSD Config -> Layout = Custom. You can edit OSD as sharkbyte in OSD mirror and DJI OSD will follow :) Now all osds (DJI MSP/SB CANVAS/ULTRA ANALOG) are in sync.
  • Added Lipo Cell voltage sensor to DJI Custom OSD

Big Thanks to Art1k and abachubbera for testing sharkbyte and dji code!!!


  • Added SharkByte Canvas support (To enable it, Select MSP on serial your SB connected and set Canvas Mode = yes in FC configuration-> MSP page of OSD (mirror). You can edit ANALOG osd in GUI-OSD mirror page, and SB osd WILL change accordingly.
  • Fixed BLHELI double startup error
  • Fixed typo in the battery mah selector (Thanks guys!)
  • Changed center value formula for CSRFv.3 from official to "the same as kiss v2"... :)
  • Fixed CSRFv3 telemetry


  • Fixed bug with swapped MOTORS 5 and 6. If you are using pads for motors, please swap wires or use dshot router!
  • [BLHELI] Added Analog current sensor support (CC HACK)
  • Renamed Hardware Tests -> Hardware Tools
  • [BLHELI] Added Current calibration wizard in Hardware Tools menu
  • Fixed DISABLE function to serials (You can disable ESC telemetry by setting SER5 function to DISABLE) HOW TO CALIBRATE CURRENT SENSOR:
  • Fly with freshly charged battery
  • Watch OSD until batt is unplugged to get final MAH usage
  • Charge battery and see how much MAH goes in
  • Put those two numbers in to calibrator, and save calculated divider


  • Fixed BLHeli passthrough


  • Fixed bug with 8 DSHOT esc disarming (Thanks abachubbera for reporting)
  • Motor test for motors 6,7 doesn't yet work. Works from OSD though.
  • Fixed BLHeli passthrough for more then 4 motors. (Thanks abachubbera for testing)
  • Fixed BLHeli passthrough for TEKKO32 (and probably for other escs)


  • Add LAGER support (speed can be set in the OSD)
  • Fix for serials 4 and 6
  • Fix for LQ sensor on ELRS
  • Fix GPS type in GPS test tool


  • Fix NMEA GPS title
  • Fix Crossfire Editor Hangup
  • Fix Express LRS RSSI value


  • Fix OSD freezing issue on config saving


  • fixed bug with unstable entering bootloader mode
  • removed absolete motor protocols(OS and PWM) from the OSD


  • Added OSD presets
  • Added Long protocol commands support
  • Added UBX mode for GPS (Experimental)
  • Added Logger rates for setpoint support
  • Fixed OSD disappearing on camera reconnect


  • Block entering analog osd when MSP enabled
  • Add cell voltage sensor
  • Add cell voltage alarm and gauge


  • Changed default protocol to DS2400
  • Changed default receiver to Crossfire (Thank you Trappy)
  • Changed default layout a bit


  • Changed default osd layout
  • Changed some texts ;)


  • Added HW info


  • Added osd background handling


No idea what was there :)


  • First official release
⚠️ ** Fallback** ⚠️