History - KingEdwardI/Neovide Wiki


This will be an ongoing document of different things that I've tried in order to keep track of them and the reasons for the current implementation.

Startup Time

Due to this project basically just being configured dependencies, performance is a very real concern.

Native LSP Linting

I started out using ALE for linting, but even if it was fast enough and works well, it's still a bloated plugin. Now that Neovim has better support for native linting I've been able to switch to that.

I ended up using a combination of suggested plugins that use native Neovim diagnostics/lsp. Since these aren't part of Neovim core it's not entirely native, but it's moving in the right direction until Neovim has full native support

In a future version of neovim, the above plugins should not be required.

This seems more native, but still isn't part of the core

Tree file explorers

I started out using Fern, but that took too much configuration. nvim-tree had more sane defaults and worked a lot easier out of the box.

Status line

galaxyline was easy to implement, but ended up breaking visual-block mode. Updated to use lualine which has turned out to be easier and less buggy. Might end up trying out other packages like cokeline, but I'm happy with this for now.