Project Proposal - KieranThompsonCE/Smart-Pill-Organizer GitHub Wiki

The team proposes a pill organizer with smart features that will help users to take necessary medication on time and will keep the user organized to prevent mistakes. People often forget to take medication on time, so having an organizer that has visual and audible notification will alert people when they are due for a dose. As most users of these kinds of organizers are older people who may have poor hearing or eyesight the combination of alerts will help insure they stay on schedule. An Android smartphone app will also be created that can be used to program alarm times, as well as add notes to display with specific alarms. These notes will be useful to remind the user of specific directions, such as take with food. The smart organizer will include a Bluetooth module to connect to the app. While the app will offer a user friendly interface to program the alarms, app-free operability will be included through the use of hardware buttons. The team will modify a weekly pill organizer with the basic functions:

  • A companion smartphone app
  • LEDs in each compartment to indicate which medicine it is time for
  • A display to give the user information and to set times/alarms
  • A keypad to enter information
  • A speaker to give the user an audible notification

Additional features will be considered such as:

  • Automatic detection when a pod is opened
  • A notes section displayed for each individual dose