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Your credentials

The driver is a program that navigates to the Codewars website and fills the required fields with your data to be able to get all the katas. However, you probably wondered: “Why don't just use the API to access the katas I've completed without the necessity of using a driver?” Well, the thing is that the solutions of the challenges can only be seen by the person who has already completed the challenges, in order to force them to complete the kata and to not copy the code of others. Because of this, you need to sign in to your Codewars account to be able to read the katas. The driver does this automatically, but of course it needs your credentials. These are not stored anywhere, the program just reads them at the start of the execution (every time you run the program).

Codewars and GitHub

At the moment, Codewars doesn't provide an access token (although they include one in the configuration page of your account) to access the API. This is why such an “obnoxious” process must be made to access the website content. The version of the Codewars API is 1. If they launch a new version with this implementation, another method could be used, reducing the code and being able to make a full refactor of the program.

If you use GitHub credentials, you will see one session per program run in the “Account security” section. There's no way of avoiding this, but you can delete these logs one by one by clicking in the “See more” button and then in the “Revoke session” red button (be careful not to revoke the session you're currently in. You can notice this because it will have a green circle next to it, and it will say “Your current session”). GitHub creates a new session every time you run the program (if you're accessing through the GitHub OAuth option). It ends after some time. Ended sessions will be shown up with a grey circle next to them.