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⚠ This feature has been disabled on the Steam login page ⚠


Idle Master Extended previously depended on a Javascript function on the Steam login page, LoginUsingSteamClient, to perform the "quick login" function - which has recently been removed.

webBrowserAuthentication.Document.InvokeScript("LoginUsingSteamClient", new object[] { "https://steamcommunity.com/" });


The current Steam login page Javascript: https://steamcommunity.com/public/shared/javascript/shared_global.js

A cached version of the Javascript function is available here: https://github.com/SteamDB2/Steam-Client/blob/7662b957d1e6a686f98575174df7a29adeadbc64/steamcommunity.com/public/shared/javascript/shared_global.js#L4271

(Legacy) Description

If you have Steam running it is possible to login without entering any credentials. This way of logging avoids having your to enter your Steam credentials into the Idle Master Extended application.

Note: in v1.7 the quick login option has been removed from the settings page, but the functionality is still available through the browser window (by the click of a button).