EZ Equipment - Jackarunda/gmod Wiki

Some JMod entities can be picked up and used by the player in their hands. These still start out in entity form and needs to be picked up, but they can also be dropped by holding Walk and right clicking (ALT+RMB).


The Toolbox is a starting point for many crucial elements of the addon. It has a variety of features to manipulate objects, especially useful outside of Sandbox.


Per its namesake, the Toolbox can construct most devices with the right resources.

To build an object, Press Reload (R) and select it from the menu. Then, while standing next to the necessary resources, left click.

In addition to building, the Toolbox can also create constraints with nails, and package objects into easy-to-carry crates. These options can be selected in the same menu, and used by clicking on the target object. Nails can be removed with ALT+R.


Some objects, like the Medbay and Sentry, can be upgraded for more effectiveness. This usually consumes Parts and Adv. Parts.

To do so, turn off the device, stand next to the required resources, and hold left click.


Some devices can be salvaged to return resources. Simply double tap right click on the object to do so.


The medkit is a consumable healing kit that restores health. Simply hold LMB on the target to heal, or RMB to heal oneself.

Healing is not instantaneous. The "treatment" text when healing indicates how much the target's final health will be.