EZ Devices - Jackarunda/gmod Wiki

Using Devices

All devices (except the Workbench) are electronics and require power to function. Press Use (E) to turn them on, after which it will come online and start draining power. You can also turn them off the same way to preserve power.

Most devices require resources to function. This usually means power, but some also have other needs, like Sentries needing ammo. To restock a device, simply bump a resource box with the device while holding the box. If a device is broken, you can use a box of Parts to repair it.

Some devices, like the Sentry and Medbay, are upgradable. Use a Build Kit's primary attack to upgrade a device, which usually consumes Parts and Advanced Parts. Upgrading a device improves its effectiveness.

Aid Radio

The Aid Radio connects the user with an off-map outpost that can deliver supplies by airdrop. Upon request and after approximately 60 seconds, the outpost will deliver a strongbox on parachute to the radio's nearby location. The strongbox can then be Used (E) to reveal its contents.

To use the Aid Radio, turn it on with the Use (E) key, then type in chat supply radio: [item name] (without brackets). Say supply radio: help to see a list of items that can be requested, and supply radio: status to receive an update on the station's current status. ALT+E also opens menus on radios that are ready for deliveries.

Antimatter and Fissure Material are restricted items. This means when you first order it, you have to wait 10 minutes for the station to restock (after which you can order it once). Some servers may have different package restrictions.

Automated Field Hospital

Also known as the Medbay, this device is a healing station that will rapidly bring its occupant to full health by using Medical Supplies.

To use the Medbay, simply turn it on and Use (E) it again to enter or leave. The Medbay will turn itself off after a moment of no activity, so turning it off manually is not necessary.

At minimum level, it heals 3 health per second, but can be upgraded to a maximum of 12 health per second. The amount of medical supplies it can hold will also increase from 50 to 100.


A self-explanatory autonomous gun, the Sentry automatically detects and shoots baddies in its area. It consumes Ammo when firing bullets, which need to be replenished.

The Sentry has friend-or-foe detection. Use concommand jmod_friends to specify who are considered allies and ignored.

At minimum level, the sentry has modest damage but slow turn speed and detection speed. As it is upgraded, it will shoot faster, turn faster, and become more lethal overall.


The Workbench is a crafting table that consumes gas and power to allow the creation of various equipment, resources and explosives. Using it is as simple as placing the required resources nearby, then interacting and selecting the desired object.