Getting Started - JNPRAutomate/ GitHub Wiki


The images on this page are reflective of the tools and technologies the majority of Junos users utilize to automate their networks. There are many other possibilities available, but these are the most popular when it comes to Junos. If you look at the flow chart above, you see the far right, where we have the Juniper Products. Using a product built to automate can be the easiest way to start automating your network. But if you know you have built a snowflake of a network and you plan to build a custom architecture or custom scripts, then you will be looking at the NETCONF libraries or the microframeworks build on the NETCONF libraries, like PyEZ, NAPALM, and others. In general, the automation products or tools that are the easiest to use have limitations in what they can do. And the tools and products which have the most flexibility , will have an increased level of difficulty in order to use or configure them as needed. That is also why people use the easy tools and products where they can, and supplement them with custom scripts to fill the gaps.

BeginnersMindMap When automating on Junos, there are various features which are consistently used.