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Every Monday 10:30am PT Zoom ID: 408 332 4290

please add any agenda items you would like to discuss. Meeting recordings contact @masinter for access.

Agenda 11 Oct 2021

Agenda 27 September 2021

Lots of things to talk about, that might require some preparation

Let's start with (5 min each max) round-table. Then 15 minutes each on plan for review

Agenda 20 September 2021

Round-table. Save for last:

Agenda 13 September 21

Agenda 6 September 2021

Labor Day (US Holiday); attendance uncertain. Let's do a "round table" of brief status reports.

Agenda 30 August 2021

Agenda 23 August 2021

before we dive into other topics, including:

Agenda 16 August 2021

Agenda 9 August 2021

Agenda 2 August 2021

Agenda 26 July 2021

Agenda 19 July 2021

• 30 minutes topics important for filing for 501c3 articles of incorporation

  1. brainstorming a list of possible organizational goals. I imagine this as a “brainstorming” session where we collect ideas. It’s important to have a broad purpose statement to allow flexibility but specific enough to attract volunteers and donations. Consolidation, evaluation, and pruning will come later. The ideas should be expressed in terms suitable for filing for non-profit status. See Medley Interlisp Goals and Ongoing Projects for inspiration.
  2. Av list of ideas for the organization name.

I will record the session but it would be wonderful if someone could take notes (setting up a google document we all could connect to)

• 30 minutes round table: status, plans, blockers

Agenda 12 July 2021

I'd like to talk about overall project goals in relationship to Ongoing Projects

Agenda 5 July 2021

Ongoing Projects in reverse order

Agenda 28 Jun 2021

I'd like some feedback on Project Organization. My hope is to use this organization to drive the agenda.

Agenda 21 Jun 2021

Usual round-table status and plans

Agenda 14 Jun 2021

some topics to touch base on

Agenda 7 June 2021

  1. running old sysouts with DarkStar
  2. running old sysouls with Medley 2.0 on DosBox
  3. recompiling and loadup with modern medley

Agenda 24 May 2021

Usual round table, hoping to include topics:

Notes 17 May 2021

These are rough notes from the meeting. I regularly record the meetings for private consumption.

John Vittal, Arun Welch, Abe Jellinek, Herb Jellinek, Larry Masinter, Bill Stumbo, Nick Briggs, Ron Kaplan, John Cowan, Steve Kaisler, Michele Denber

Agenda 10 May 2021

Agenda 3 May 2021

After trying other alternatives, I'm coming back to using the Wiki for agendas

This week, we will (hopefully) see John Vittal and Steve Kaisler (who joined us last Monday)

Agenda 8 March 2021

Agemda 22 Feb 2021

Topics I have for tomorrow

regular features:

Agenda 15 Feb 21

meeting recorded but available for 1 week on request

Agenda 25 Jan 2021