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This chapter describes the most important code used in within this project.

Gun code

The code for the gun functionality has been split up into the GunRenderer class and the Gun. This has been done to ensure that The gun works even without the visualizations of the weapon.


The class for the gun functionalities. Each functionality has been outlined here:

  • Updating a raycast to find the aimed position.
  • The Transform properties are set using the Tracking system.
  • Shooting
  • Reloading


The class for the gun visualizations. Each functionality has been outlined here:

  • Updating a linerenderer to visualize the aimed direction.
  • Toggling all gun related visualizations.
  • Spawning a bullethole in the correct postion after shooting.
  • Setting the aimed position visualization.

Game Manager

The game manager class manages the initialization of managers and the execution of monobehaviour methods in the managers.


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