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Things that might be useful.


Custom fonts

Remember to fc-cache -fv. It seems that NixOS rebuild only run fc-cache so it might miss your custom fonts.

Find nerd fonts

Search for the name of the nerd font (to install with NixOS):

Then, use the name on the URL to install it with NixOS.

Additional Links:

Add copyq shortcuts for "Show the tray menu" as Super + Shift + V

The old way of using sxhkd to map copyq menu to Super + Shift + V is deprecated. As it doesn't work properly on my NixOS anymore. So just set the keymapping in the copyq settings itself.

Reload nvchad highlight overrides

Open :Lazy and rebuild (gb) base46 plugin

Fix Zotero tab bar gtk dark mode (Zotero 6)

Use home/programs/zotero/chrome/userChrome.css for few color fixes that matches Catppuccin.

C++ development

See kylegentle/nix-cpp-hello

Anki Addons


zsh to fish

I have migrated to fish. If you want to use zsh with nearly the same functionalities as fish check my migration commit here and here.

But believe me, fish is so much better (faster with full-fledged functionalities built-in).


I have migrated to using eww for notifications. If you want to use dunst, see my commit here.

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