User Entity and its Properties - Horztashi/asset_management Wiki

The User entity handles the user operations and is the basis for the credentials.

department_id - The Deparment where the User belongs to username - The lowered username username_canonical - The original username email - The lower e-mail email_canonical - The original e-mail enabled - Determines if the account can be logged on to salt - A factor in encrypting the password before storing it into the database password - The encrypted password last_login - last account log-in confirmation_token - randomized string that encrypts the user confirmation password_requested_at - date which the user requested a password change roles - System role(s) assigned to the user google_id - G-mail account if the company opts for SSO thru GMAIL google_access_token - Google supplied string that encrypts the user's access to the google information google_profile_picture - Google supplied string path that has the user's profile picture from google employeenumber - Employee number of the user firstname - The user's first name lastname - The user's last name middlename - The user's middlename