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Panama is a small country of about 4 million people located in Central America. It is a great location for residency, citizenship, incorporation, banking and trusts.


Residency investment programs in Panama have been ongoing for several years. There are a multitude of program options for each situation and need. Some of Panama's great benefits are:

  • Relatively Low Cost
  • Efficient application process
  • Multiple dependents can be applied for and receive residency
  • After 5 years of permanent residency, one can apply to become a Panamanian citizen


Teak (Executive Decree 343)

Real Estate (Executive Decree 343)

Friendly Nations Visa

Person of Means, POM (visa for an investment of $300,000)



There is NOT any investment for instant citizenship program currently in effect. should be Horizon/wiki/PA-Citizenship-Act/ this would be a list of Visa Travel stuff

Incorporation this would be the companies act

KYC Requirements

Tax Treaties


Bank About Link
CreditCorp Panama Bank
Bank of China Panama Bank
Multibank Panama Bank

Trusts / Foundations