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Wi-Fi Setup

You must configure wifi network before adding the accessory to HomeKit. To configure Wi-Fi settings, device generates its own Wi-Fi in AP mode. You must connect to it in order to setup your Wi-Fi network.

Simply take your iOS device, go to Setting -> Wi-Fi, and search for an SSID called HomeKid- followed by the module's MAC address and connect to it. For security reasons the AP is password protected!

Default AP password: 12345678

Wait a few seconds until a web appears showing you all Wi-Fi networks that the device has found. Select yours, and enter password, then click the Join button! The module will try to connect the selected Wi-Fi network, this will take a couple of seconds.

Note: If the given password is wrong, you can Reset the Wi-fi settings by holding the Reset button for 10sec

HomeKit Setup

In your iOS device, open Home App and follow normal steps to add a new accessory.
Pairing setup takes about 30 seconds.

Default  HomeKit code is 249-33-605

Also You can scan this HomeKit QR code:

Note: If pairing fails, you can unpower your device, repower it, and start HomeKit setup again (Wifi settings keep configured). After successful pairing the LED strip will flashing white 3 times!

Transitions and Power Behaviour

The original Eve Light strip supports these two characteristics. With Transitions you can change the speed of the LED strip when fading to other color or turning on/off! Setting it to Quick will disable fading in/out and it will quickly turn on!

With Power Behaviour you can change default color when the LED strip turn on! By default it is set to Last Used Color, so when you turn off the LED strip it will always remember the last color you used! When set to Default White, each time you turn off the LED strip, color will go back to White!

Note: This feature is still in beta! It may not work properly!


Resetting device to factory defaults

The code has a Reset function in case of something goes wrong. Wait about 5 seconds to allow device to boot completely, and then long press the button for at least 10sec!

Note: Single pressing the same button will toggle the LED strip ON or OFF

All configured settings has been removed and device is restarting. This removes HomeKit and Wi-Fi settings, and your device will go to Access Point mode next time in order to reconfigure Wi-Fi.

Reconnecting to Wifi network

If wifi network becomes unreachable, device will keep searching Wi-Fi automatically until it can connect again when Wi-Fi becomes available.

If your ESP8266 module doesn't have physical button attached, you can use jumper wires to connect GPIO0 and GND for 10 seconds.

Note: Resetting the accessory may not remove it from the Home app, you need to do it manually after resetting! Before resetting the LED strip will flashing red 3 times, which indicates the start of Reset process!


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