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Visits to the U.S. by Foreign Heads of State and Government (old HO website)


  • The dates in the first column indicate the dates a foreign leader visited Washington unless otherwise clarified under Remarks.
  • The descriptions "State," "Official," "Guest of," "At the invitation of," are used as they appeared in a contemporary official source.
  • Separate arrival/departure dates are given under Remarks when a visitor arrived or departed from a place in the United States other than Washington.
  • The Remarks column also indicates places other than Washington (where known) that were visited.
  • All visits listed included a meeting with the President or with the Vice President if the President were indisposed or out of the country. Except for the San Francisco Conference in 1945, visits of leaders attending UN sessions are included only if the leader met with the President.


  • Headings: "Date, Visitor, Country, Description"