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Setting up your own local version of the bot

NOTE: this will tell you how to replicate the setup I have for the bot and is no means the only way to do things, you can follow it completely or use your own setup to host the bot.

  1. Download, clone, w/e to get a local version of the repository. Or click this link to download a zip of the repository 2.The next step is to change a few static variables and create a few java files that are omitted from the repository for security reasons

    • navigate to global/record/ change the following line and replace the number with your own userID (this will allow you to run the commands that typically only I can run) public static final String ownerID="206193542693912578";
    • Add the omitted values in, the file has more details
    • Add the omitted values in, the file has more details
    • From the [google developer's console] ( create a new Oauth key and download the client_secret.json. Put this under src/Library.
  2. Install maven on your system. Build the jar file by running mvn clean and then mvn package in the folder with the pom.xml file. The generated jar file will be in target/FFBEBot-{version}.jar. Double click the jar file to run.

  3. As the bot does not have any of the wiki information hard coded(apart from the summons), you need to send the message !reload to the bot to get it to preload all the necessary information.

-optional: using heroku as deployment method following their tutorial for java and some shenanigans to run w/ a typical runnable jar file(this is the more difficult part to figure out)

-Additional stuff on how to edit some static variables for the summon simulator etc,(also potentially create some impossible scenarios for fun)

TODO: actually complete this guide