Releases - HewlettPackard/hpe-js-project-scripts Wiki

Welcome to the hpe-js-project-scripts wiki!

I'll be using this wiki page to document the release process for each of the packages on the hpe-js-project-scripts mono repo.


  1. Make sure you have an NPM account and permission to publish the repo on NPM.
  2. Make sure you have a 'write' access to the GitHub repo to be able to update the repo's version on its package.json (Not a must but makes it easier)

Let's start:

  1. Test the library and confirm that it performs the desired functionality.
  2. Collect all info about previous commits into "release notes", and determine the versions change in terms of major/minor/hotfix terminology by semantic versioning.
  3. Change the version of on the package.json according to the decision made in the previous step.
  4. Push the package.json with its updated version to GitHub master.
  5. Log in to NPM and publish the package from the folder you'd like to release e.g. project-scripts.
  6. Go to GitHub, create a new tag from the master branch for this release and publish the release notes you've prepared from previous steps.
  7. Pray it worked.