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Getting Started

First, let's start by getting a quick understanding of GitHub.

GitHub is where all of the files for the project will be stored. There is a main branch which is the official release. Users may create their own branch to work on a specific aspect of the project.

Example branches

Battle system prototype

Player art

New town music

You get the idea.

When a user is working on a branch, they can send their new or changed files to GitHub in what's called a commit. Remember to commit to the specific branch, and not to the main branch.

When a user is done with their branch and wants to submit it to the main branch, they may submit what is a called a pull request. This will show the owner, me, all the changes made, and then I'll submit it and merge the branch into main, or I may comment on it with suggestions, in which case you will fix these and submit another request.

With that out of the way, let's get started with GitHub desktop. Click this link and install. Once done, open it, and follow these steps very closely.

  1. Click File -> Clone Repository (Don't mind the background of the image) GettingStarted1

  2. Under the URL tab, insert the following information:

  • Repository URL or GitHub username and repository:
  • Local Path: This is where the project folder will be saved on your computer, you can choose wherever you will remember. GettingStarted2

Now you should have a page that looks like this. GettingStarted3 This might look confusing, but I'll guide you through it.

Branch & Commit

Start by making a new branch. Branch -> New Branch GettingStarted4 Put in a fitting name for what you're going to do, then click Create Branch.

Then go ahead and do all the work/add all the files/change whatever. Once done, new files should show up on the left under Changes. Make a commit message with a summary of what you did, and then an optional description of what you did. Make sure to publish the branch (top right). GettingStarted5 Make a commit every time you some important progress (NOT just when you finish the branch).

After you have completed every task for the branch, click, in the top right, push to branch.

Pull Request

When you have finished your branch, you will need to make a pull request. This will be sent to me and I will review the changes.

Branch -> Create Pull Request GettingStarted6 This will open a new window on your internet browser.

The only section that you should change is the title &/or the comment. This is where you should summarize & detail everything this branch does. GettingStarted7 After filling that out, click Create Pull Request. You no longer have to do anything. This is the part where I review the changes and then merge it in to the main branch.

You're done!

Congratulations! This is how you will use GitHub for this project. Refer to this guide every time you are going to submit your changes. Contact me if you have any questions.