2018 02 06 Meeting Notes - HazenRobotics/ftc_app Wiki

Taken by Alex Fernandez.

Github: Never commit to master unless it is self contained (IE you have completely test and there is no further progress to be done) Use development branches for in progress features:

  • Can commit non-compiling code but should be avoided
  • Use Issues to describe bugs and planned features
  • Put these features on project pages to track progress rather than having messy EN stuff all the time

Laptops: People can bring in their personal laptops Maybe fundraiser in future for personal ones?

New Phones: Nice to get Java 8

Test out wireless ADB -- https://blog.jcole.us/2017/04/13/wireless-programming-for-ftc-robots/#add-several-useful-external-tools

Internet: Set up relay for faster speed (Ask goldy/clark)

Remove the use of specific distances in motion classes. move(condition c) turn(condition c)

James will figure out hardware and idle stuff :)

Make a GyroSensor class

Specific Timer that extends Condition Range Condition GyroTurn Conditon

Javadoc for offseason stuff

Use space (auto convert tabs to spaces)

Remove "created by" comment made by android studio.

Premade Test Classes: Sensors Independently Control Drive Motors Regular Motor Servo(Both press to go to position and stick to move)

James will do input mapping/ others might help: Button combinations Pass button pointers Event Listening (Both single and repeated triggering) (Will replace button and toggle as special event listener types