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SobGroup_GetCommandTargets(<sTargetGroup>, <sSourceGroup>, <iCommand>)


Fills sTargetGroup with all the ships sSourceGroup is currently performing some 'command' (iCommand) on, such as attacking, guarding. In other words, fills sTargetGroup with all the ships targeted by sSourceGroup by iCommand.

Note: Most commands don't work at all, in fact perhaps only COMMAND_Attack and COMMAND_Guard work. Needs testing badly!


-- fill "output-group" with all the ships targeted for attack by "source-group":
SobGroup_GetCommandTargets("output-group", "source-group", COMMAND_Attack);


Param Type Description
sTargetGroup string The group to fill with ships which are targeted by sSourceGroup with iCommand.
sSourceGroup string The group performing iCommand.
iCommand number (int) A 'command'. One of the COMMAND_ globals

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