Adding Bot to a IIIT Club Server - Groverkss/Discord-CAS Wiki

Adding the bot

  1. Make a pull request to the server by editing the bot/server_config.ini file per your server requirements. (configurations are available here)

  2. Create a new role for the bot, which satisfies the criteria given in the next section.

  3. After your PR is merged, navigate to the this URL to invite the bot and add it to your server. Note that you must have "Manage Server" permission on this server. (If you're new to Discord roles, read the FAQ: link)


  1. .verify might not work for server-admins. That indicates your role setup does not follow the criteria below.

If at any point you face any difficulty, please raise a new issue in this GitHub repository.

Regarding the bot role

You can create a new "Bot" role in your server and give it to our bot. This role should satisfy the following criteria:

  1. The bot will only give the user role A if the bot's topmost role is above role A.
  2. To change the nickname for a user, the user's highest role should be lower than the bot's highest role.
  3. The bot should have read access to the channel to read .verify commands
  4. The bot should have write access to the channel to give feedback on verification (Success/Failure).

(If you're new to Discord roles, read the FAQ: link)