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Creating a world

This page will guide you through creating a basic world and uploading it to GTVR.
This guide assumes you've just completed the Setting up the development environment guide.

There are plans to add a networked scripting language to GTVR later on.
As it's currently only in the alpha stage this is still a while off.

Creating the Scene

In Unity, a "Scene" is essentially a collection of 3D assets that make up your World. Each Scene is it's own World.
A Unity project can contain multiple scenes, so you can work on more than one World per project.

Firstly we'll create a new scene for your World;

  1. In the Project window, right-click and select "Create -> Folder" and name it what you'll be calling your World.
  2. Open your newly created folder, right-click inside it and select "Create -> Scene", again giving it the name of your world.
  3. Double-click your newly created Scene to open it.

The name of the folder and Scene doesn't matter as the name of the World is set during the upload process.
However, it's good practice and it will keep the project neat and make it easier to keep multiple worlds separate if you create more in the future.

Setting up the Scene

Now it's time to set up the basic components needed for a world!
You can see everything within a Scene in the Hierarchy window.
You should see a "Main Camera" and a "Directional Light" that Unity has added by default.

Firstly, we need to remove the "Main Camera" from the Scene.
It isn't necessary and must be removed before the SDK will allow you to upload the world.

  • Right-click on "Main Camera" and click "Delete"


Next we'll need to add a floor for the player to stand on.

  • In the Hierarchy window, click the "+" icon and select "3D Object -> Plane"


Lastly we need to add a Spawn Point to tell GTVR where players should spawn into your world.

  • In the Hierarchy window, click the "+" icon and select "GTVR -> Create World Spawn"


The World Spawn should now appear in your scene like so:

The circle represents the position that players will spawn in at.
The arrow represents the direction they'll face when they spawn in.
The headset represents the default avatar height.

You can position the World Spawn wherever you like.
For now, just ensure it's on top of the plane you created.

Uploading your World

Now that your world has all of the basics (no camera, a light, a floor and a spawn point) it's ready to upload!

  • At the top of Unity, select "Gama-Tech -> World Upload Window"


    You should now see the following window appear:


  • Click "LOG IN" to open the Log In window and enter you Gama-Tech account credentials
  • Once logged in, Click "Build World"

Once your world has finished building you'll be presented with the following screen:


  • Name: The name of your world. (This can only include Letters, Numbers, Spaces and Underscores)
  • Description: A description of your world (Max length of 512 characters)
  • World Privacy: Public worlds are visible to anyone in the World Search. Private Worlds are only visible to you, but you can still invite friends.
  • Thumbnail: The preview image for your world. You can move the "THUMBNAIL CAMERA" in the Hierarchy anywhere you'd like.

Once you've entered all of the details for your world, click "Upload" to start the upload process!
Once the upload is done, you can visit your world in GTVR! Simply open your menu, navigate to "Worlds -> Private" and click "Create Private Instance"


You now know the basic building blocks of a GTVR world!
As you can see, they're designed to be extremely simple to set up.
This should be enough for you to;

  • Create worlds from pre-made scenes from Unity's Asset Store
  • Convert worlds created for other platforms (your own, from Booth, etc)
  • Create your own worlds by importing your own assets
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