Configuration File - FlashyReese/sodium-extra-fabric Wiki

Sodium Extra makes use of the Java properties format for its configuration file. If the configuration file does not exist during game start-up, a blank file with a comment to this page will be created.

This configuration file defines overrides for options in Sodium Extra, and as such, a blank file is perfectly normal! It simply means that you'd like to use all the default values.

Each category below includes a list of options that can be changed by the user. All changes made to the configuration options will require a game restart to take effect.

Editing the configuration file

All configuration options in Sodium Extra are simple key-value pairs. In other words, you first specify the option's name, followed by the desired value, like so:


The remarks after the # are comments and exist for your own bookkeeping. As such, you don't need to include them, but you might want to include a note as to why you're modifying a default value.

mixin.sodium.fast_random=false # Disables Fast Random
mixin.sodium.resolution=false # Disables resolution slider as it conflicts other with <blank> modifying another option

Configuration options

This list of options is not updated very frequently and might be outdated. For an updated list of options, check