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Antares SQL is an application based on Electron.js that uses Vue.js and Spectre.css as frontend frameworks.
For the build process it takes advantage of electron-builder.
This application uses Vuex as application state manager and electron-store to save the various settings on disc.
This guide aims to provide useful information and guidelines to everyone wants to contribute with this open-source project. For every other question related to this project please contact me.

Project Structure

The main files of the application are located inside src folder and are groupped in three subfolders.


This folder contains small libraries, classes and objects. The purpose of common folder is to group together utilities used by renderer and main processes.
Noteworthy is the customizations folder that contains clients related customizations. Those settings are merged with default.js that lists every option.
Client related customizations are stored on Vuex and can be accessed by customizations property of current workspace object, or importing common/customizations.

An use case of customizations object can be the following:

computed: {
      defaultEngine () {
         if (this.workspace.customizations.engines)
            return this.workspace.engines.find(engine => engine.isDefault).name;
         return '';

In this case the computed property defaultEngine returns the default engine for MySQL client, or an empty string with PostgreSQL that doesn't have engines.
Customization properties are also useful if some features are ready for one client but not others.


Inside this folder are located all files required by main process.
ipc-handlers subfolder includes all IPC handlers for events sent from renderer process.
libs subfolder includes classes related to clients and query and connection logics.
Everything above client's class level should be "client agnostic" with a neutral and uniformed api interface


In this folder is located the structure of Vue frontend application.


The command to build Antares SQL locally is npm run build:local.
build command (without :local) is used exclusively by the GitHub Action.





Code Style

The project includes ESlint and StyleLint config files with style rules. I recommend to set the lint on-save option in your code editor.
Alternatively you can launch following commands to lint the project.

Check if all the style rules have been followed:

npm run lint

Apply style rules globally if possible:

npm run lint:fix


The commit style adopted for this project is Conventional Commits.
Basicly it's important to have single scoped commits with a prefix that follows this style because Antares SQL uses standard-version to generate new releases and file to track all notable changes.
For Visual Studio Code users may be useful Conventional Commits extension.


Dev mode:

npm run dev

Visual Studio Code:

   "version": "0.2.0",
   "configurations": [
         "type": "node",
         "request": "launch",
         "name": "Launch Electron in debugger",
         "autoAttachChildProcesses": true,
         "runtimeExecutable": "${workspaceRoot}/node_modules/.bin/electron-webpack",
         "runtimeArgs": [
         "env": {},
         "console": "integratedTerminal",