6. Errors by OS - EytanMorg/sw-exporter GitHub Wiki

1. All OSes:

  • (S:9) Error → this mean that you've messed up cert install, try to clear cert and install it again
  • Blank hive screen, with only back to game option → this means that you didn't start the proxy, or didn't enable HTTPS, or you are not on the same Wi-fi.
    • This may also happen when trying to connect through school or work WiFi, they tend to block unauthorized proxies, you'd get a "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT" notification.
  • I can log-in to the game but I don't get my JSON
    • You didn't enable HTTPS in SWEX ettings (or didn't setup proxy)
    • In Windows this can also happen if the Desktop folder is located under Onedrive → In SWEX settings, change the file path to somewhere not under Onedrive.
    • In Windows this can also happen if folder has write protection from apps (common if Onedrive is a parent folder of the save location) → In SWEX settings, change the file path to somewhere not under Onedrive.
  • Error screen with blanked out text:
    • Remove the proxy settings in the device/emulator's wifi settings. Delete the game data and redownload the gamefiles/data reapply the proxy settings in mumu's wifi settings

2. Mumu (multi instance only)

  • Sometimes Mumu forgets the proxy settings you've set in the WiFi menu when starting multiple instance simultaneously. When that happens re-enter the proxy settings in this order: start proxy → set proxy settings in mumu → start game

3. iOS

  • There are multiple steps to install and trust cert, make sure to do them all
  • Error Code "H:2000" → it seem that you need to clear all cert on PC and all Cert on your IOS, and get a new one.

4. Android

  • If you use android 7+ phone you won't be able to use SWEX unless you root your phone.
  • Error Code "H:2000" → This happen if you use Android 7+ and try to make SWEX work, you might want to install an emulator to export your JSON, so you don't root your main phone.

5. Nox

  • Make sure you are on android 5.