ZBrush - Epicrex/3DArtistsHandbook Wiki

Edge Control

Creasing for subDiv

  • ZModler or creasing menu

Adding thickness

  • ZModler Qmesh/Extrude


Sepperating part into 2

  • Slice mesh
  • DynaMesh: Enable Groups, Blur = 0
  • If results are not as desired first set Dyna to a high value and then go back down

Repeat bool

  • Click sticky button above transpose
  • Ctrl + Drag out new bool
  • press 1


Clip vs Trim vs Knife vs Slice


Use Knife to remove parts of the mesh. If knife doesn't work use trim(Only do straight cuts with trim!(No Alt)). If you want to remove a part of the mesh but want to keep the topology use clip.

Use slice to add in edge cuts.


  • Smashes the clipped side into the model
  • Keeps topology intact


  • Removes trimmed mesh and closes the hole with the close hole operation
  • Creates issues because the close holes operation algorithm is quite simple


  • Removes knifed mesh and closes holes with it's own algorithm
  • A better version of trim


  • Creates a clean edge loop through the mesh (and creates a new poly group)

Reprojecting detail to ZRemesh

  1. Apply subD levels to sub tool
  2. ZRemesh model
  3. Duplicate sub tool
  4. Go to the original sub tool (the one with history) and go back before the ZRemesh
  5. Hide all other objects except for these 2
  6. Then select the ZRemeshed duplicate. Add 1 subD level and click ProjectAll. Repeat this step however often

Recreate ZBrush subdivisions in Blender

  1. AddMultires modifier to low and and subdivision levels to it
  2. Add Shrinkwrap to low, select the high and apply it

Sort In

  • try to never save the file but always save the tool

  • configs vs ui

  • Zbrush only understands tris and quads

  • Press Tool>Deformation>Unify. This cannot be undone. Or press the S.Pivot button the right shelf. This will center the model’s rotation, symmetry, etc. based on the visible polygons. Press C.Pivot later to return to how the model was originally.

  • Stay on the Left side (right side from model view). Reasons: Mirror and weld

Line gizom

  • Click hold to stick to surface
  • Outer circles to position transform
  • Inner circles to modify object (shift works)
  • Ctrl + Click on white circle, makes view align to line