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Tiny Life


CharacterCreator Class

The character creator is displayed when a person (or household) is being edited in terms of their Clothes and PersonalityTypes.

public class CharacterCreator

Inheritance System.Object 🡒 CharacterCreator


CharacterCreator.MaxHouseholdSize Field

The maximum amount of people allowed in one household at a time.
This is a constant that is set to 8.

public const int MaxHouseholdSize = 8;

Field Value


CharacterCreator.MaxOutfitAmount Field

The maximum amount of outfits that any given person can have.
This is a constant that is set to 10.

public const int MaxOutfitAmount = 10;

Field Value



CharacterCreator.Active Property

The currently displayed CharacterCreator instance, or null if the character editor is closed

public static TinyLife.Uis.CharacterCreator Active { get; set; }

Property Value



CharacterCreator.CanSwitchPeople() Method

Returns whether or not this character creator instance currently allows switching the selected character.
The return value is based on the selected person's FullName and PersonalityTypes.

public bool CanSwitchPeople();


Whether we can currently switch the active person

CharacterCreator.CreatePerson(Map, Household) Method

Creates a new Person instance on the given map with the given lot.
The person is placed at the top left corner of the lot.
A few settings, like their animation and portrait, are additionally set up.

public static TinyLife.Objects.Person CreatePerson(TinyLife.World.Map map, TinyLife.World.Household household);


map Map
The map to place the person on

household Household
The household to add the person to


The created person instance

CharacterCreator.Open(Person, bool) Method

Opens a new CharacterCreator for the given person (and their household).

public static void Open(TinyLife.Objects.Person person, bool full);


person Person
The person to open in the character creator

full System.Boolean
If this value is true, editing the person's name, skin and eye color and personality is possible