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Spawns rarely in forests, identical spawn weights to that of an iron golem. Hostile on sight.

Raw data:

"id": "mon_nut_golem",

"type": "MONSTER",

"name": { "str": "pine nut golem" },

"description": "A quick, sturdy, and aggressive golem made of mass amounts of pine nuts held together by an unknown force. What it was created by isn't clear, and you aren't sure if you want to know. It's just a bunch of pine nuts, so it can't be that dangerous. Right?",

"default_faction": "robot",

"species": [ "GOLEM" ],

"volume": "100 L",

"weight": "50 kg",

"hp": 400,

"speed": 180,

"material": [ "nut" ],

"symbol": "G",

"color": "brown",

"aggression": 50,

"morale": 100,

"armor_bash": 16,

"armor_cut": 12,

"armor_bullet": 7,

"melee_skill": 6,

"melee_dice": 3,

"melee_dice_sides": 6,

"melee_cut": 6,

"vision_day": 30,

"vision_night": 30,

"regenerates": 4,

"harvest": "nut_golem",

"death_function": [ "NORMAL" ],

"flags": [ "SEES", "HEARS", "NO_BREATHE", "LOUDMOVES" ]