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Plugins allow you to customise and extend the behavior of EDMC.

Installing a Plugin

To install a downloaded plugin:

You will need to re-start EDMC for it to notice the new plugin.

Reporting problems with Plugins

In the first instance all issues with EDMC plugins (other than the core plugins 'EDDN', 'EDSM' and 'Inara') should be reported to the author of that plugin, not as an issue on the main EDMC project.

Available plugins - Confirmed working under Python 3.7+

Deprecated Plugins

Plugins that seem to have no active maintenance and might have issues under the latest EDMC release:

Available plugins - Confirmed NOT working under Python 3.7

Available plugins - Unknown Python 3.7+ status


More info

The plugins folder is located at:

If you would like to write a plugin

EDMC has migrated from Python 2.7 to Python 3.7 and onwards to 3.9. Currently the updated documentation for writing a plugin under Python 3.9 is at

We strongly advise against making any plugin code compatible with Python 2.7, so as to encourage users to actually update their EDMC install to the latest release.

EDMC 3.46 is the final version using Python 2.7. The older documentation is still available at .