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Partners and Donors

  • Microsoft and GitHub have given us non-profit status, including unlimited Team accounts.
  • Jessica Mulein provides most of the business licensing, software and accounting subscriptions, domain name and other fees associated with running the group.
  • Studio 3T has graciously given us a 50% discount on all licenses. We presently own one 'Ultimate' seat.
  • Codacy is free for Open Source and measures code quality similar to Dependabot
  • MongoDB has graciously given us a $500 credit good for one year to help bootstrap our projects, including a site for the guild itself.
    • If you need a MongoDB database for your project, run it by the Board for approval and we’ll get you the access you need. We have a limited credit / budget ($500 one time grant).Please make use of the Free Sandbox tier. We’ll add you to our organization.
  • Atlassian provides free hosting up to 10 licenses.
  • Mohammad Faiz, an individual, contributed a steeply discounted QuickBooks Pro for us to manage our accounting.