Set Up a Brand Kit for Consistent Color Schemes and Fonts - DavidBenHorin/HowToUseCanva GitHub Wiki

Using Brand Kits enables you to be consistent with your logo, colors, and fonts throughout all your projects.

When you open up templates for banners, social media posts, and presentations, you can keep the foundation of the template and apply the brand kit fonts and styles to it. This lets you work with templates while maintaining consistent colors and fonts in line with your brand.

Step 1: Go to: You can either choose a Brand Kit you already made or click “Add New” to set a new one up.

Here, you have several options to set up your brand kit.

Take a look at the left sidebar. You can set up standard logos, colors, fonts, photos, graphics, and more. By entering this standard information, you can call it to your designs to maintain consistency with your brand.

When you are making projects and you want to select fonts and colors, Canva will no longer show you their list of fonts and colors first. It will start out with the fonts associated with each brand kit, and the colors used for each brand kit.

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