Design a Presentation - DavidBenHorin/HowToUseCanva GitHub Wiki

Go to the homepage and click Templates at the left sidebar.

In the middle of the next screen, click the Presentations tab.

Click on the type of presentation on this page, and you will be given all your options.

There are 20,000 templates to choose from and you can filter by orientation size, style, theme, feature, and color.

There are also keywords for just about any occasion or situation you can think of.

When you choose your template, you can start to customize. This screen says it all:

On the left, you have all the types of pages to choose from. On the right is the Design Canvas for the current page. As always, the canvas is filled with all the elements of the page that you can manage.

At the bottom are all the pages. Click the one you want to work with. To the right of the pages is a + page. Click it to add a new page. Once you add a new page, it will be blank. You can go to the left side and choose a page template from your presentation template to keep all the pages in your presentation consistent.

Drag and drop pages behind and in front of one another to reorder your presentation. You also have the option to download this as a Microsoft PowerPoint file.

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