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Type of Users

On this application, we make the difference between users and administrators. Users will have access to all domain names and all information relating to them. He will also have the possibility to add new domain names to monitor. They can also delete them. But beware, only those they have added! not those of others!

Administrators for their part will be able to monitor domain names, receive add and delete domain names, add new users (registration part).

Note: even if you have not added a domain name (added by one of your colleagues) you will still receive alerts.


You have two ways to create an account on this application. Either you make a request which will have to be validated by the administrators, or the administrator sends you a request directly. Once done, you will receive a token on the email address you entered. You will then have to enter this token in the application and change your password in order to connect.


Authentication is done via login password (your login being the email address with which you connected the first time. Thanks to the connection token (JWT) you will stay connected to the application for a configurable period.