Domain names - Dadard29/PassiveDNS Wiki

The passive DNS application firstly allows you to monitor domain names.

These domain names will have been added by users or administrators.

There are several ways to add: manually: this involves entering the domain name one by one in the application. In groups: via a CSV. You can drag a file containing domain names you want to monitor and the application will add them to the database.

Once your domain name has been added to the database, you will be able to view them. You will have a tab in which the domain name will appear. By clicking on the domain name you wish to analyze, you will have all the information relating to it (IPV4, IPV6, geographic address, etc.). All of this information will be displayed in a new tab.

If you want to find domain names more easily, it is possible to sort, add tags ... Tags can be put in different places: on the domain name and on the IP. You have the possibility to choose the name of your tag.

Once these tags are done, you can sort the domain name by these tags, by the last modification observed, or simply search for the domain name you want to study.

The project aims to be collaborative. All your colleagues having been approved by your administrators will be able to add domain names. What we do not want, however, is that everyone can delete domain names. Thus, we have made sure that only the person who added the domain name can delete it. To do so, the user just has to click on the delete option.