Somax2 on Windows - DYCI2/Somax2 Wiki

Somax 2 is currently only supported on MacOS. It is however possible to install it with almost full functionality on Windows 10 through the following steps:

1. Installing Python 3.9

Install Python 3.9 following the instructions here. Either of the alternatives work but installing it through the Microsoft Store is most likely the easiest alternative. Make sure that you select version 3.9.

If you already have python 3.9 installed or if you prefer to use your own environment (conda, etc.), this step can be ignored / adapted accordingly.

2. Installing the Somax Python Library

3. Installing Max 8

(If you already have Max 8, you can ignore this step)

4. Installing the Somax Library and Dependencies

Note! For both of these packages, it's incredibly important that the Somax2 and MaxSoundBox folders are located directly in the Packages folder and not in a subfolder (e.g., that the path to the somax2.maxpat is Packages\Somax2\somax2.maxpat and not Packages\Somax2\Somax2\somax2.maxpat)

5. Running Somax

It should now be possible to run somax with two caveats:

To launch somax, simply open C:\Users\<your_username>\Document\Max 8\Packages\Somax2\somax2.maxpat.

Running the Somax Server

Normally, the server is launched by clicking the Start Server button in the Max user interface. This is however not possible on windows. Instead, the server must be launched manually. To do this

The Bonk Onset Detector

When launching somax, you will most likely see an error in the Max console saying

Error 126 loading external bonk~

This simply means that you cannot use the bonk~ onset detector in the «AudioInfluencer», only the Yin-based onset detector is available for now, which is the default.