Programming Updates - DILET1/retardlevelprogramming2022 Wiki

General programming updates. 6/23/2022 : cowqueue done. Pretty simple sort-then-count, but back in the groove. Been following, working my way through all sections. Expect another commit in about 1-2 days. 3/9/2022 : barn1 done after a long hiatus. I got busy these few days. And went through a brief phase of bad sleep schedule. Again, just a simple greedy algo, the only reason i screwed up is because of input formatting (nonsorted stall #s, num of boards max > num cows) so i just made adjustments. 3/4/2022 : milk done. Kinda weird how milk2 was before milk, but idk. Simple greedy algorithm, even I didn't screw it up. 3/1/2022 : Need to remember to keep my eyes on the ball. Namenum done, was trying to see all the possible names from the given ID, didn't realize that I could just do it the other way around. 2/26 and 2/27, 2022 : wow isn't it convenient that there are two palindrome/number base related problems in one section? isn't it nice how you can write functions? 2/24/2022 : transform done, too painful to be shared. Learned that i should try find simpler solutions.