Duckweed generation homogenization (Pre experimental Procedure) - Cuddington-Lab/documents Wiki

  1. About 12 days before experiments, aseptically transfer about 100 daughter fronds of about the same size and which have not yet reproduced to a graduated 200 mL beaker containing 100 mL of Hoagland's solution. A mother frond and a daughter frond can be distinguished by the size of the root, as mother fronds have longer roots according to our observations. Label the beaker as "generation zero" (as we do not know the order of birth for the daughters we have separated)
  2. After reaching maturity (about 4-5 days later), manually separate the first daughter fronds from mother fronds by gently pressing a loop in between fronds, and subsequently transferring them to a new beaker containing growth media. Label the beaker as "generation 1"
  3. On the experiment day, select the first daughter from generation 1 mother fronds, so that the plants used in the experiments are considered as "generation 2" fronds. Ensure the first daughter selected for experiments is healthy (bright green) and mature (regular adult sized-frond)