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The company Fuminsectos Del llano needs a web application that allows them to manage all their customers and services easily.


This application will be built around the above requirements, so below we talk about everything this application can and cannot do.

Use Cases

As a registered user:

As an admin user:

Out of Scope


Because the application is going to be accessed by only one person will be enough to have only one server which will have the database and the web application with its API in the same place. Even if down the road the number of employees accessing the application increase.


This is the high-level system design


Data Model

The system is going to be done Using the present tools and technologies in the image.


Entities and Relationship (UML) (DIAGRAMA ENTIDAD RELACIÓN)

This layout will be the basis for building the tables and relationships in the database and the objects in the Flask application. All transport of this data between Client-Server will be done in JSON format.


Testing Plan

Create a project that validates all the program functionalities guided by these use cases:

Using a registered user account:

Using the Admin account.