Common Issues - CompbuildREDUX/Compbuild-Textures Wiki

Compbuild Textures has many common issues amongst users, if you have any to suggest, please tell us on our Discord server.

I have tons of FPS lag!

Compbuild Textures is a medium-weight resource pack, try using the LITE version if that helps.

The pack crashes my game and I can't open Minecraft!

You need to be using OptiFine, without it, it will crash your game. If this continues to happen with OptiFine, update your drivers.

My leaves look bad!

Set LEAVES to Fancy in OptiFine settings.

Why is Polaroid stretched when I use it?

Set your game to 694x630 resolution, Polaroid is best in this resolution.

How do I mirror the birch trapdoors?

Please follow this guide here.