1) Shortcode and attributes - ChrisWinters/includes GitHub Wiki

Once activated the plugin creates a custom post type, taxonomy, and shortcode all of which are called "includes."


  • [includes slug="post-slug"] Displays post content from the Includes post type, and optionally all posts and pages
  • [includes code slug="post-slug"] Displays code content from the Includes post type
  • [includes category="category-slug"] Displays post content based on the category slug


The [includes] shortcode requires either the slug, or category attributes for the shortcode to function property.

When the category attribute is used two extra attributes can be applied: orderby and order.

Category attribute: orderby

none | No order
ID | Order by post id
date | Order by  published date
title | Order by post title
slug | Order by post slug
rand | Randomize order
modified | Order by modified date

**Category attribute:** order
desc | Descending order ( default )
asc | Ascending Order