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Use Case Diagram:

We suppose that if the payment is unsuccessful, the system would stop the operation and keep the list and the activity would be finished, and the customer can start over or leave the system. We suppose that if the chosen list of food was unavailable the customer would be directed to the menu page and can choose again.

Activity & Sequence Diagram:

We suppose that: ( These numbers are used to show the sequence of events)

1. at first the receptionist enters the menu in the system and adds the details and makes changes if necessary then

2. The receptionist sends surveys to previous customers and then

3. A list of ordered food and their preparation time will be sent to chef and then

4. Each table would be assigned to a waiter and then

5. waiters sign in and

6. get access to information, then

7. The customer reservation process starts.

We also suppose that the receptionist enters the menu first thing in the morning and makes the changes automatically and these two are considered to be one action.

Sequence Diagram:

We didn't draw the "Assigning Each Table to a Waiter" in the sequence diagram because it's a process that happens within the system and it's not directed from one actor to another. We suppose in the payment process if the payment is unsuccessful the system sends this message to the customer: "Order Not Submitted But List Is Still Kept" Use Case: