Sync of watched status with Netflix - CastagnaIT/ Wiki

How it works

To enable or disable it

Open the add-on settings and switch Synchronize the watched status of the videos with Netflix

To enable it on Kodi library

If you enable this feature on the Kodi library, the add-on will be able to update the watched status of the videos in your Netflix account, but will not be able to update the watched status of your videos in Kodi library from your Netflix account.

Before you will have to enable Synchronize the watched status of the videos with Netflix then:

Open the add-on settings on Synchronize the watched status of the videos with Netflix -> turn on Include Kodi library

What happen if you use multiple devices, apps or website

In general there is no problem, you can use any device, apps, website at the same time.

But the following behaviour should be highlighted:

This can happen if you use the same profile on multiple device, apps, website at same time, then the videos progress that are been changed outside Kodi you may not see immediately.

If you want to see those changes immediately, you can choose to perform one of the following operations:

How to manually change state watched

By default Kodi provide these context menu: Mark as watched / Mark as unwatched / Reset resume position

In this case they will not work because Kodi doesn't allow a personalized use of them.

Then you have to use this context menu: Change watched status (locally)

This menu allows you to change the watched status, but this change will never be communicated to Netflix but will only take effect within Kodi.

Using it several times you will also have the possibility to restore the watched status of Netflix.

The video resume not works

It is a know bug of Kodi 18.x version that prevent to resume the videos, fixed on Kodi 19.x.

When i stop playback the resume is not updated

The synchronization requires updates to be sent from the first minute of playback, therefore the resume will be updated only after the first minute of the played video, then if you press stop before this minute no changes will be saved.

Possible notifications with errors at the end of the playback

An error prevented the update the status watched on netflix

This error may cause:

This is a problem that cannot be solved yet, but sometime even if the synchronization has failed, it may resolve automatically after a few hours.