To Do for Developers - Canthinkofaname/My-Uncivilized-Pony Wiki

Finish Infiltration Jsoning

-Finish Infiltrator Company(Json bit),Done

-Finish Strategic Branch(Json bit)

-Finish Tactical Branch(Json bit)

Finish Infiltration PNG’s

-Finish Infiltrator Company(Png bit),Done

-Finish Strategic Branch(Png bit),Done

-Finish Tactical Branch(Png bit)

Add Religions

-Add Equalism

-Add Paganism

Balancing Nations/City States

Balance Equestria

Balance Lunar Republic

Balance Appleloosa

Balance Changeling Lands

Balance Ponyville(CS)

Balance Las Pegasus(CS)

Add Nations/City States

Add Crystal Empire

Add Olenia

Add Polar Bear Communities

Add Pinguland

Add Stalliongrad

Add Eclipsed Empire

Add Our Town(Can be a CS or Nation)

Add Yakyakistan

Add Jaki Clan

Add Aztlan

Add Solar Empire

Add Vanhoover(CS)

Add Baltimore(CS)

Add Manehattan(CS)

Add Griffon Frontier

Add Policy Branches

-Add Love Production(Unique to the Changelings)

-Add Strength of Friendship(Unique to Equestria)

-Add Patriotism(Unique to Appleloosa)

-Add Mercantilism(Basically land version of Commerce)

-Add Harmony(Cant be unlocked when you adopted Hatred)

-Add Hatred(Cant be unlocked when you adopted Harmony))

Add Music/Themes

-Add at least 10 ambients

-Add Equestrian Theme

-Add Lunar Republic Theme

-Add Appleloosa Theme

-Add Changeling Lands Theme

-Add City state themes(UNNEEDED)