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Over the last 5 years, I've really enjoyed partnering with UX, Security, Product, Engineering & Data teams to build great, global products. I love what I do so I've compiled a list of interesting articles that cover many topics across talent & tech. If you know of any other interesting resources, please feel free to reach out to me and I will include it below!

Talent Acquisition Communities:

  • TechRecruit: Stacey has built a really great technical recruiting community, I especially love her Dueling Sourcers web series where Sourcers compete and share their tools used for their various hunts!
  • Recruiting Brainfood: Love Hung Lee's community, his website contains a great number of global job boards and he has a facebook community + weekly distribution list of thought-provoking talent acquisition articles. I believe he is more tapped into the European hiring markets.
  • ThePeoplePeopleGroup: For my Toronto HR folks, PPG is an awesome slack community for networking and resource sharing among Toronto-based Human Resources Professionals.
  • The Sourcing Method: Great for next level sourcing tips!
  • Wizard Sourcer: Fantastic website/resource for Boolean strings, recruiter templates and deep dives into different technologies used by Recruiters. I tinker around with new tools and this has been a great resource!
  • One Req: Great community for recruiting professionals to share tips and tricks! Big focus on Early Talent/Campus Recruiting!
  • SOSUV- Great community of passionate talent sourcing professionals! SOSUV runs conferences & meet-ups throughout the year, great community to be involved in. Heavy European Talent Sourcing representation.

Video/E-Learning Resources:

  • WomenWhoCode: Great videos and content to understand the various aspects of information technology!
  • Geekruiter Academy: -> Geekruiter is a fascinating resource, Michal is a former CTO of a start-up that now trains technical recruiters. He delivers various trainings through boot camps, mind maps, booklets, etc. I used alot of his content to understand the various relationships across technologies/languages/frameworks/tools.
  • Holistica IT Training: Ayub is fantastic, I know he's based in the UK and primarily focuses on training technical recruiters. His content covers tech recruiting in development, IT support/infrastructure, data/machine learning + AI!
  • LinkedIn Learning: I'm a huge fan of LinkedIn Learning - I find it's a great resource for all of the soft skills required for successful recruiting (communication skills, problem solving, data analysis, negotiation, project management, diversity, inclusion & belonging, and more). Some public libraries provide LinkedIn Learning subscriptions so you may be able to get the above resource for free.
  • AIRS Powered by ADP: When I started in recruiting, I ended up taking both the CIR and PRC certifications through AIRS. Gave great insights on sourcing via Boolean strings and the foundational knowledge of being a Talent Acquisition Partner.


  • Powerful by Patty McCord -> Great insights into Netflix's culture & HR practices. I subscribe heavily to the professional sports team approach to corporate management so I really enjoyed this book.
  • "The Fourth Industrial Revolution" - Klaus Schwab -> Great insights into where the world may head due to various changes happening in technology
  • "Carry That Quota" - Jesse Rothstein -> This really resonated, recruiting is definitely a hybrid between sales and human resources. Gives great suggestions on how a sales focused individual can manage output.
  • "UltraLearning" - Scott Young -> A core skill of ANY career path is the ability to learn. This is a great book for the tools needed to stay ahead of the industry and become a life-long learner.
  • Never Split The Difference - Chris Voss If you're looking to up your negotiation game, definitely recommend this one. Chris is a former hostage negotiator turned negotiation teacher.
  • "Work Rules! Insights from Google" - Laszlo Bock -> Super interesting if you're looking to understand some of the human resources methodologies of one of the biggest global technology companies in the world (Google)
  • "Top Talent Sourcing Tools for Recruiters" - Jonathan Kidder -> Takes your Recruiting/Sourcing tools knowledge to the next level, I learned all about contact finding tools, recruiting automation, boolean string builders, data scraping and more!
  • "Full Stack Recruiter" - Jan Tegze -> Teaches you about sourcing across various channels like Github/Facebook/Meet-up/etc.
  • "How to Speak Tech" - Vinay Trivedi-> Great resource for recruiters that are just starting off in technical recruiting and need to learn about how software development works. Imagine a technical terms 101 guide.
  • "Stop Asking Questions" -Andrew Warner -> Wonderful tips on how a recruiter can guide deeper conversations through the art of interviewing.
  • The Holloway Guide to Equity Compensation -> Equity is a huge consideration when joining a company, but equity is a black box for most individuals. Check out this thorough guide on how equity works. I learned lots about concepts like 409A valuations, taxation, public vs. private equity, vesting schedules, stock options vs. RSUs, and much more.


Blogs or news sites to follow tech news/trends:

Tech Conferences & Events to Check Out:

  • Major League Hacking - great way to find out about hackathons happening across the world!
  • Collision - one of North America's largest tech conferences!
  • Elevate Tech Fest - awesome tech conference hosted in Toronto!
  • TechTO - For anyone passionate about learning the tech space in Toronto, check out some of the virtual events they are hosting each month. You can also find some of their past events recorded on Youtube!
  • Meetup.com - There are many different community groups being run by the community! Passionate about a specific space in tech like Data Analytics or Information Security? There's a group for everyone!

[Work In-Progress]Talent Market Intelligence Sources:

A Curated Collection of Diversity, Inclusion & Equity related articles:

In addition to the above Talent/Talent Acquisition Resources, wanted to highlight resources to better understand R&D (Engineering, UX, Trust, Data, Product, and more):

Software Engineering:

[Work In-Progress]Data Engineering/Data Science:

Product Management:

UX/Product Design/Product Research:

[Work In-Progress]Trust & Information Security:

I firmly believe in the importance of understanding the business areas/groups that you support as a recruiter. I have included online communities & channels that a technical recruiter can engage & partner with. As always, I believe it's important to acknowledge that these communities are not just used for recruitment so please abide community engagement rules in each respective channel.

[Work In-Progress] Technology Talent Communities (Job Boards, Slack Channels, Diversity in Tech Partners, etc)