Meeting Minutes Week 6: Mar 18 to 25, 2023 - CMPUT301W23T40/CaptureTheQR GitHub Wiki


  • Nic: will continue looking at Map/location today - need to implement the actual geolocation recording for Add QR
  • Rachel: PR up for the UI of Scoreboard + Player Profile (Scoreboard)
  • Anushka: query for highest scoring unique QR Code (Scoreboard) + MainActivity stats related to that query
  • Zhiwen: queries for sum of codes scanned and number of codes scanned (Scoreboard) + MainActivity stats related to that query
  • Eric/Kevin: compress image, add to DB, get image and display image in QR Library
  • Eric: maybe do the username search stuff? , scoring system bug?

Sprint Review:

What to change with our process

  • Communicate and discuss major changes to DB, for example, so everyone is aware
  • Work on smaller pieces so more people can work in parallel and not be stuck waiting on 1 person writing a lot of queries on their own
  • Tests - write tests for the parts you worked on!! Need to prioritize testing more
  • Nic (or Eric) - look into figuring out adding CI
  • Make sure to cite properly (include the license)



  • change to show estimates in that page instead of in main (easier)- Anushka


  • need more cases especially for Scoreboard with multiple usernames having a variety of Codes - Zhiwen

What makes a QR Code close / in the same region as another one?

  • Region = city
  • difference of 0.5 degrees in Lat and Long